Two way mirror foil on frame

GiantMirror is an innovative new product that provides an easy to use, excellent quality, and versatile alternative to glass mirrors. The oversized mirrors offer near perfect clarity reflection and virtually invisible joints and are lightweight, easy to transport and install. Use transparent GiantMirror to create hologram special effects and make objects appear and disappear.

How to create a hologram illusion with Giant Mirror

In the stage version of the illusion, an actor is hidden in a recessed area below the stage and faces a mirror. The audience sees the actor’s ghostly image reflected in a sheet of glassless mirror suspended above the stage, and lighting can be used to make him or her appear or disappear.

Pepper’s ghost has been a popular theatre trick since the 1860s. In those days, an image reflected from a hidden, illuminated room appeared to be on stage, with the audience unaware they were essentially looking through a window. This “ghost” was at least genuinely three-dimensional, with the audience viewing a reflection of a live actor, who appeared three-dimensional just as your reflection in a mirror appears three-dimensional.

How a hologram works

A mirror works by reflecting light. The reflecting light can be caught on ordinary film or in a digital camera. A hologram is created by sending light to the objects and capturing it again. The image in the mirror will not be part of the light used to create the hologram, so a hologram of a mirror, will just capture the object, a mirror, and not the image in the mirror.   In a hologram, the light reflected from the hologram creates the image, which can not reflect a new image.